Grangemouth Transport Forum

The Grangemouth Transport Forum met on Friday 6 June at 10.30am in Grangemouth Town Hall.

Participants included local Community Councillors, Cathy Peattie MSP and representatives of Police, Falkirk Council, Ineos, Kemfine, Forth Ports, ASLEF, rail transport and road hauliers.

The Forum was set up last year, and a working group has since met several times to discuss plans for improvement to Grangemouth infrastructure.

Cathy Peattie said:

“We are looking at the future needs of Grangemouth as an intermodal freight hub, and trying to achieve a sustainable solution that allows economic growth and social and environmental improvements for local people. We want to see more rail and sea freight, better public transport, if possible including a rail passenger station, and routes that take heavy traffic away from residential areas.

“The key to making progress is likely to involve improvements to our motorway junctions, and Falkirk Council are currently undertaking detailed studies of the options. We hope that by September when we meet again, these will be sufficiently advanced to allow us to take the next step, lobbying for government support, as we are already doing with the Avon Gorge project.”

Walter Inglis of Grangemouth Community Council said

“Grangemouth Community Councillors remain encouraged by the ongoing spirit of partnership developing in the Grangemouth Transport Forum.”This partnership of elected representatives, community representatives, council officers and local industrialists has the potential to deliver a significant benefit to the community in the form of the nationally recognised freight hub and in an environmentally sustainable way.”


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