Rape ‘victim’ sent to cells

Falkirk Herald, 12 February

A TRAUMATISED victim of an alleged rape was locked up after she broke down in court while giving evidence. Now the judge who ordered the woman be arrested and held in a police cell overnight has come under fire. Critics said his treatment of the woman, who lives in the Falkirk area, was “appalling” and “inexcusable”. An urgent investigation has been launched by the Crown Office into Sheriff Roger Craik’s decision.

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie said: “This is like punishing the victim. I will be writing to the Crown Office demanding answers. The number of rape cases which get to court in Scotland is very low and for this woman to have got to this stage then be treated in this way is appalling. It is totally unacceptable to deal with a vulnerable witness in this way. An alleged victim of rape should be treated with understanding and respect.”

full story

Also see Inquiry after judge jails sex abuse case witness who tried to flee court (Scotsman, 8 Feb)
and Fury as sheriff has traumatised alleged rape victim locked in cells overnight (Daily Record, 7 Feb)


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