Needed: Urgent Housing Action

Cathy joins the housing lobby at Holyrood

Cathy joins the housing lobby at Holyrood

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie joined Housing workers and tenants groups to launch a campaign for a massive house building programme in the council and housing authority sector.

“The campaign is seeking a significant increase in house building in Scotland, and there are two very good reasons why there has never been a better time to do so,” Cathy said.

“First, we need at least 10,000 extra affordable homes in Scotland.

“Second, with thousands of construction workers idle, this would be a very efficient way in which to re-inflate the economy, through a public sector housing investment programme.

“I would like to see real increases in support for public and voluntary housing. Unfortunately the Scottish Government proposals for watering down levels of Housing Association Grant and adopting a “lead developer” strategy will have the opposite effect.

“We also need to help local authorities increase their capacity to meet housing need. The UK government should review historic debt and other restrictions on council building, to create a level playing field for local authorities undertaking new build and house repairs.”

The lobby was organised by the STUC as part of a week of Scottish Parliament events and exhibitions. The exhibitions were sponsored by, and the events organised with assistance from Cathy.


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