Crunch Time for Trident

In these times of economic austerity, we must all make sacrifices.

And if we find that we are wasting lots of money on something that is of little or no value, and indeed could not be used without detriment to everyone, then stopping that expenditure must surely be considered.

So let’s improve our balance sheet by a few billion, and call time for Trident.

Protest against nuclear weapons in Scotland …

Sing Out for Peace – Crunch Time for Trident in Glasgow on Saturday 20 June.

Assemble in George Square at 11 am to set off at 11.30 am for Kelvingrove Park where there will be a rally with a difference at 12.30 pm.

Protest in Harmony and other choirs will lead the singing of peace songs from the new Scottish CND Songbook. There will also be street theatre, face painting and the chance to meet and make friends over a picnic.

Great to see Scottish MSPs back up the people, the unions and the churches in Scotland. These MSPs helped to pass the motion in 2007 telling Westminster to think again.

Please help to publicise Sing Out for Peace by circulating the attached leaflet and/or ordering leaflets and posters (A3 and A4) from the Scottish CND office, phone 0141 423 1222 or email The song was written by Ian Davison for the event, and you can download the mp3 from the website.

On FACEBOOK type Scotland for Peace in the Facebook Search to join the group and see Sing Out for Peace as an event on the group page.


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