Ineos investment

Commenting on the announcement of government support through Regional Selective Assistance (RSA), for modifications to the KG Ethylene Cracker at INEOS Chemical site, Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie said:

“Grangemouth is hugely important to the Scottish Economy, and I have been calling for this to be properly recognised within the Government’s strategy. It is crucial that improvements such as the cracker upgrade are given support, particularly in the midst of global economic problems.

“I would welcome a discussion with Ineos about their plans for Grangemouth. We need assurances about jobs and consultation with the workforce, and I hope the First Minister will take this on board in his discussions with the company.

“I will of course also be looking for assurances from the First Minister that the Scottish Government will build on this investment through a continuing commitment to the sustainable development of the industry and infrastructure of the Grangemouth area.”

Welcoming Alex Salmond’s first official visit to Grangemouth, which followed cent visits to Grangemouth by Jim Murphy, the Secretary of State for Scotland and by the China UK Business Council. Local MP Michael Connarty said:

“The need for substantial investment in the chemical processes at INEOS were part of the discussions with Jim Murphy, and have been part of my ongoing dialogue with the company as the gases coming to Grangemouth from the North Sea have changed. I welcome the decision of INEOS to commit to investment in the Ethylene Cracker upgrade and the support being offered by Scottish development through Regional Selective Assistance. This shows how important our campaign to retain RSA for the Grangemouth area was when RSA areas were reviewed by the UK government in 2006. I look forward to further commitments to investment on the INEOS site in the future”


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