More support needed for Wall and Railway

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Cathy Peattie has called on the Scottish Government to do more to support the Antonine Wall and the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway. Cathy used the debate on Scotland’s Historic Environment to highlight the national and international importance of the World Heritage site and industrial museums such as the railway – “unique resources for our economy and our people” – and the difficulties they face and the potential they have to benefit the area and Scotland as a whole, given adequate government support and funding.

“With regard to the Wall, Falkirk and other councils are working with Historic Scotland, but without extra resources. They are told that the future may bring funding from public and private sources, but there is nothing on the table yet. Hadrian’s Wall is well supported by England. In Scotland, we have been promised jam tomorrow, but we are struggling to get even bread and butter today.

“Industrial museums are also very much the poor cousins of the sector, despite the large numbers of visitors who go through their doors. The railway museum at Bo’ness is a national treasure, and not just for Scotland, as some exhibits are unique in the UK. More can be done to give support. Such support is a win-win situation for people and the economy.

“The Scottish Railway Preservation Society is raring to go with its many plans to extend its work and expand the scope of its activities for volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds – the existing locomotives have been refurbished on site by volunteers who have lovingly given their time, labour and expertise to the task. The SRPS would like to add a station at the Manuel junction with the main line. However, it can only do these things if funding can be found.

“Like the Wall, the railway provides enormous opportunity to enhance our historic environment and our economy. If we do not provide adequate funding then we are in danger of being left on the platform after the train has departed.”


full speech –


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