Carers Centres need more support

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie has paid tribute to the work done by hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers in Scotland, and called for additional resources to be made available to support the implementation of a new Scottish Government Carers Strategy.

Cathy, who chairs the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Carers, appealed for more support for carers in a motion marking Carers Rights Day on December 4th. The motion highlights the substantial contribution made by over 600,000 unpaid carers and young carers across Scotland; and gives a particular mention to the work of the Falkirk Carers Centre and other Princess Royal Trust for Carers Centres.

“The Carers Centres are a crucial part of the Scottish Government’s Carers Strategy,” said Cathy, “but they are facing significant funding challenges. It is clear from the range of MSPs who have already supported my motion, that there is widespread concern that there is no commitment to additional resources to support the implementation of the new Carers Strategy, although it has been under development for some time now.

“MSPs and carers organisations are hoping that the work being done to develop the new strategy will take forward the action highlighted in the previous Care 21 report – and in particular, extending the provision of respite and short breaks, training for carers, access to information for carers and addressing the needs of young carers.

“The new Carers Strategy should lead to real action that benefits Scotland’s unpaid carers. It should ensure clear accountability for service delivery. Improvements should be made to enable carers to continue caring with confidence, while having greater quality of life themselves. It is difficult, however, to see how this can be achieved without any additional resources. If the Scottish Government is serious about improving the lives of carers, they must provide proper support for the improvements they say they want.”

For motion and signatories, see S3M-05345 Cathy Peattie (Falkirk East) (Scottish Labour): Carers Rights Day


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