The Copenhagen Blog begins

As Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament Climate Change committee, Cathy is in Copenhagen until Wednesday for the International Climate Change Conference. This is the first of a series of posts on the Conference.

As I drove to Edinburgh airport in dense fog, there was a report on the BBC that 900 people had been arrested in Copenhagen. The report said that these people were forced to sit on the ground for four hours in the cold and then released. Thousands of folk looking for change, police overreacting, no arrests, all released. I wondered how much we could really change, when the news seemed to be telling us that nothing much had changed.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at Copenhagen was a billboard with a man saying “We wanted to deal with Climate Change, but we didn’t. Sorry.” I think the man might be a Danish politician. Maybe I will meet him during the next three days.

So much riding on this summit, so much riding on the need for change. In my heart, I know we need change. In my head, I fear that we will say it is just too hard.


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