Copenhagen blog – Africa walks out

(posted to blog at 7pm)

Blame the computers. That’s why it is taking so long to get into the conference centre. Graeme Cook stood in line all day, and was near the front when they closed the desk. But while thousands were queuing to get in, the African Countries that were round the table walked out!

The ‘rich’ countries need to do better. If the poorer countries of the world get nothing from this Summit then we are wasting precious time. Time that we can’t afford to waste. Hopefully, their issues can be addressed and they will return to the table.

At the Scotland Day, there were lots of men in grey suits talking about Climate Change and the Scotland Act, followed by the business perspective, and then in relation to human rights. There was a speech from Mary Robinson at the start of the Human Rights session. She spoke about women in poor countries and the effect of climate change on them and their families.

I could sit on my hands no longer and asked her a question about womens representation and the lack of women on the panel all day. She spoke of grassroots women working to ensure there was reference to women in climate change reports. There had been some success, but she regretted that there was no mention of gender in the report leading up to COP 15.

Climate Change action needs to work alongside action on gender, international development, human rights and other issues. Clearly activists will still find plenty to campaign on, whatever is agreed here     🙂


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