Copenhagen blog – Good News

(posted to blog at 10am)

Good news today: The African Countries appear to have gone back into the talks.

More good news: After queuing since 6am, Graeme Cook has finally got into the ‘Bella’ centre. Patrick is now about to try to get in. I am off to an activist forum, and after that I am scheduled to meet a cycling organisation.

Our hotel is in Malmö. The public transport here is amazing. Many people go to work by bike or on foot, taking children with them and dropping them off on their way to work. Everyone looks so calm – not at all like the stressed folk one sees rushing out of Waverley station in the early morning!

The most striking thing in Copenhagen is the pure enthusiasm of the folk who have travelled here for the conference. Regardless of exceedingly long lines of folk trying to get into the conference centre, and the distance between venues, there is a ‘common bond’ here. People want the conference to be success.

Read more in the Graeme Cook’s Scottish Parliament Copenhagen 2009 blog


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