Hyslop needs to take Antonine Wall seriously

Cathy Peattie is calling on the new Culture Minister, Fiona Hyslop, to give the Antonine Wall the support it deserves.

“Fiona is a Lothians MSP, and lives in Linlithgow, so I would hope that she understands the importance to the economy of this area, as well as to Scotland as a whole, of developing the Antonine Wall.

“We have a unique resource that has been recognised as such by being made a World Heritage Site. Plans are being made to promote it, but any money is having to come from existing budgets. Local authorities, faced with a shrinking share of the Scottish Government budget and a Council Tax freeze, simply don’t have the resources.

“The Scottish Government tries to pretend that they are poverty stricken, but they did get an extra £600m in their budget. Even a small part of that would make a big difference to the current support for the Wall.

“The Scottish Government should recognise that money spent on the Wall will be an investment that is repaid many times over through tourism and educational and cultural benefits.

“You don’t have to take my word for it – just look at the support that has been given to Hadrian’s Wall in the North of England, and the benefits that have been reaped there.

“If the new Minister wants to impress, then she should recognise the value of the World Heritage Site and give it the support it deserves.”


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