Cathy calls for Boiler Grant scheme in Scotland

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie is calling for Scotland to adopt the Boiler Grant scheme that has now been introduced in England.

From today, householders in England will get £400 towards the cost of a new energy efficient boiler, but the Scottish Government currently has no plans for a similar scheme here – even though the Barnett formula means they will get extra money because of the scheme.

Cathy, who is the Deputy Convener of the Transport Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee, highlighted the multiple benefits of such a scheme:

“This scheme will help people reduce their fuel bills, cut carbon emissions, and boost the local economy. It is outrageous that as we experience one of the coldest winters on record, the Scottish Government turns its back on thousands of householders in Scotland who would be eligible for this grant – and what happened to the Scottish Government’s much vaunted commitment to tackling climate change?

“This week, grants are being issued in England. A new boiler could reduce people’s bills by as much as £235 a year. Hundreds of householders in the Falkirk area could be getting £400 towards the cost of a new boiler. The money is available to implement the scheme here, so there is no reason for the Scottish Government to leave so many Scots out in the cold.”

Scottish Labour has launched an online petition to urge the Scottish Government to press ahead with a boiler scrappage scheme, which would benefit 12,000 homes across the country and boost the plumbing industry.

Mick Williams, a plumbers’ merchant from Hampshire who started the Reheat Britain campaign, said: “I hate to think that Scots will be missing out on the lower bills, greener homes and economic help that England is getting. Hopefully the Scottish Government will use the extra money to bring boiler scrappage to Scotland. This is one of those win-win ideas it saves money, protects our environment, and supports local business. That’s why it has such wide support from environmentalists, industry and across the political parties. There’s no downside for the Scottish Government so I can’t see why they’d let Scots miss out.”


Online petition:

Help and advice is available from
Energy Assistance Package – Telephone: 0800 512 012 – Web:
Home Heat Helpline – Telephone: 0800 33 66 99  –  Web:


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