Why not build better buses now?

MSPs are calling for support for the introduction of a new generation of environmentally and user-friendly buses in Scotland which could help save production at Scotland’s last bus manufacturer, Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) in Falkirk.

A motion has been tabled calling on the Scottish Government intervention to help fund grants for the purchase of ADL buses by transport authorities and commercial bus operators.

The Falkirk plant employs 900 highly skilled local workers who are currently working a 3-day week to stave off the impact of the recession on the industry.

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie said that “accessibility and emissions standards mean bus operators will eventually have to purchase new vehicles, but we need orders now. ADL are ready to manufacture the next generation of environmentally and user-friendly vehicles with their ‘hybrid’ bus technology. This bus will represent a benchmark in the industry, meeting the new accessibility and environmental regulations, but the current reluctance to place orders is making the situation very difficult.

“Many people and businesses in the Falkirk and throughout Scotland depend on ADL. We simply cannot afford to lose this plant.”

The motion calls for:

  • Fresh orders for a new generation of Scottish bus build;
  • World-class bus manufacturing at ADL in Falkirk;
  • Quality Scottish jobs and skills for future generations; and
  • The provision of world-class transport for the Scottish public.
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