Climate Change: talks should not delay action

Cathy Peattie has criticised the Scottish government for ‘inexcusable delay’ on measures to cut carbon emissions.

In a letter, the Minister Stewart Stevenson has revealed that there will be further delays to the publication of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan – an embarrassing admission, just days before the government hosts a 2020 Climate Change conference in Edinburgh with visitors expected from the Maldives.

The government last month was forced to set up a short-life working group after failing to get MSPs to back their unambitious annual targets for cutting emissions, but is attempting to restrict discussion to targets for the next two years, despite concerns being expressed about the targets that were published covering the next decade.

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie, Scottish Labour’s Climate Change spokesperson, said:

“I see no reason why the Energy Efficiency Action Plan needs to be delayed again. The Scottish Government’s failure to set out how it is going to cut emissions at this stage is inexcusable.

“The Minister cannot blame the short life working group he set up to look into the government’s targets. Discussions on climate change action shouldn’t get in the way of climate change action.

“The Minister’s door may be open – but we would like it to be open wider. We want to discuss the targets without being restricted to 2011/12..

“If our discussions develop and build on the Energy Efficiency Action Plan with additional proposals, they can be factored in later.

“Delay makes it look like they have something to hide. The choice is therefore to publish now – or be damned!”


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