Red-faced for missing green target

“Transport Scotland should lead by example, but instead has failed to meet its own climate change targets,” said Cathy Peattie, following a report that shows the public body, which was aiming to cut carbon emissions by eight per cent in two years to November 2008, has seen its emissions rise by 3 per cent due to business travel.

“Clearly the organisation has to look at why it did not meet this target and what its staff can do differently in order to cut pollution.

“The Scottish government has to up its game on tackling climate change to ensure that public bodies which set the standards for other people get their act together.

“It is also disappointing that Ministers have so far failed to put in place annual targets for cutting emissions, despite the fact that Scotland has a 42 per cent target for cutting emissions by 2020. It’s time for action.”

Cathy is the Deputy Convener of the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee, and Labour’s Scottish Parliamentary spokesperson on Climate Change.

Red-faced for missing green target (Herald article)


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