Biomass: Cathy calls for moratorium

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie is supporting a moratorium on the development of large scale Biomass energy plants.

“I am not satisfied that this is the best use of biomass, or that importing huge quantities from abroad is a sustainable way to produce energy,” said Cathy.

“Biomass is a limited resource, and we need to look at how to make best use of it. I am concerned about the consequences of transporting vast amounts from other countries – how will that fit in with reducing our carbon emissions? I am also concerned about the environmental impacts of biomass production on the areas concerned, and the potential volatility and constraints of future markets for biomass.

“For the Grangemouth proposal, the impact of additional traffic and pollutants such as SO2 must be addressed. Forth Energy say there won’t be a lot of traffic or pollution, but when there is already too much, any increase is a problem.

“I put these issues to Forth Energy when I met them a few weeks ago, and sought assurances that there would be extensive consultation. Despite the meetings that have taken place, many questions remain, and I now think that there should be a thorough and independent assessment of the issues before we proceed any further.

“I submitted my views to the consultation last month. Now I am working with colleagues to get the Scottish Government to agree a moratorium on such developments pending independent research into the issues.”


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