Cathy calls for local children’s project to continue

Cathy Peattie has called on the Scottish Government to continue to fund the CEDAR project which is being piloted in Forth Valley, Fife and Edinburgh.

The project provides support for children recovering from domestic abuse through groupwork with the children and their mothers. The Falkirk East MSP raised the issue during question time in the Scottish Parliament, calling on Children and Early Years Minister Adam Ingram to back the project.

Cathy noted that “the CEDAR project has had very positive evaluations in a report that is appropriately entitled “Through the eyes of a bairn”.

“It would be bad news for children suffering from domestic abuse if the project was not continued and the valuable experience gained in Forth Valley and the other two pilot areas was not built upon and extended to other parts of Scotland.

“The Minister’s first response was to point to other funds for domestic abuse which are being continued, but this project was not part of that funding package. It was part of the children and young people funding, for which no announcement has yet been made.”

In response to further questioning from Cathy, Minister Adam Ingram said that the Scottish Government was “looking at funding the CEDAR project through the new early years and early intervention fund. We are working up details on the scope and management of the new fund and eligibility for it, and we will make an announcement as soon as we can.”

Noting that the response fell short of a definite commitment to CEDAR, Cathy said she would “keep up the pressure to safeguard this groundbreaking local project.”


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