There is a better way

Cathy Peattie has called for support for the STUC campaign “There is a better way”

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, she said that the campaign “is a rallying cry for those who want a fairer and more equitable society in which those who have the greatest wealth contribute the most; in which services for those in the greatest need – not bankers’ bonuses – are protected; and in which people reject the daft idea that the deeper the cuts, the better it is for jobs and growth.”

Noting that while UK debt was being used to justify savage cuts, it was in fact similar to Germany, lower than many other European countries, and much lower than Japan
“Among the developed countries, our debt is not exceptional—indeed, it is lower than that of many countries. The debt justification is simply a myth. The financial crisis has been used as an excuse to attack the public sector and the working people, while the perpetrators of the debt are protected by their public school pals.

“Members may find it an inconvenient truth, but it is not just Labour and trade union voices that are highlighting the devastating economic and social impact of the current policies. Many prominent independent academics and commentators have reached the same conclusion.

“Contrary to what we have been told by the Con-Demolition and their friends in the media, there is no consensus on the need for the deep cuts that are being made. There are many people from many sectors of civil society who recognise the harm that is being done, and they agree that there is a better way.”


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