Labour Manifesto launched

The Scottish Labour Party has launched its manifesto for the Scottish Parliament Elections

Cathy with Iain Gray“This is an ambitious but achievable programme for government,” said Cathy Peattie, adding “We aren’t in the business of making promises that could never be kept – we want to consign that to the dustbin of SNP government.

“We are committed to abolishing youth unemployment in the next Scottish Parliament and creating 250,000 jobs and apprenticeships in the next decade. We want to create a new Scottish economy, built on high-tech engineering and modern green manufacturing. Labour will freeze the council tax, halve cancer waiting times and end the postcode lottery for care of the elderly. We will put literacy teachers back in classrooms, and there will be no price tag on university education.”

“There is much more in our manifesto, including a living wage of £7.15p, a National Care Service, help for first time buyers and housebuilding, protecting workers and support for business. I look forward to making our case in the weeks to come.”

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