Cathy calls for better cancer care

Falkirk East’s Scottish Labour candidate Cathy Peattie has called for more progress in the treatment of cancer.

“I believe that people should have a right to see a cancer specialist and get results quickly. Currently the waiting time is one month.

“That is an agonisingly long time for people and their families to wait. We can reduce it, and I will work to ensure that we do.

“Scottish Labour has made this a manifesto pledge, and will cut the waiting time by half, to two weeks.”

Cathy said that to help alleviate the stress that a cancer diagnosis brings, there would also be support for the programme of financial advice projects for patients at the five main cancer centres across Scotland.

“I know that this is a difficult time for Scotland’s public services, but we can deliver improvements in frontline services based on greater efficiency in NHS organisation and support services. We will protect NHS services and jobs, prioritising the achievement of the highest standards of care for patients.”

Update: You can show your support for a two week cancer waiting time guarantee at

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