Cathy says no to tuition fees

Cathy Peattie has backed a national campaign demanding no tuition fees in Scotland, protection of graduate numbers and college places, and improved student support.

Cathy, who is standing for reelection in Falkirk East, said:

“Young people should not be burdened by tuition fees. We do not want to deter young people from acquiring the the knowledge and skills that Scotland’s economy will need in the future.

“That’s why I wholeheartedly back the ‘Reclaim Your Voice’ campaign campaign, which has been organised by student leaders in Scotland. Access to education must always be based on ability to learn, not ability to pay.”

Noting that Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray was the first party leader to sign up to this campaign, Cathy added:

“A Labour government will not introduce any up-front or back ended fees in the lifetime of the next parliament. Students have been let down by Nick Clegg’s betrayal and Alex Salmond’s broken promises. For Labour, supporting students is part of our focus on the things that matter.”

Reclaim Your Voice campaign

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