MP or MSP?

Reserved or Devolved?

The Scottish Parliament is responsible for all matters not reserved for Westminster.

These include:

  • health
  • education
  • training & lifelong learning
  • local government
  • social work
  • housing
  • planning
  • economic development
  • financial assistance to industry
  • tourism
  • transport (road network, bus policy, ports and harbours)
  • most aspects of criminal and civil law
  • criminal justice and prosecution system
  • courts
  • police and fire services
  • environment
  • natural heritage
  • built heritage
  • agriculture
  • food standards
  • forestry
  • fisheries
  • sport
  • the arts
  • statistics
  • public registers & records.

Some reserved matters have devolved aspects. For example, equal opportunities policy is central to all the Scottish Parliament’s deliberations and activity; and while the control of broadcasting is a reserved power, the Scottish Parliament quite rightly takes a keen interest in the cultural and economic impact of Scottish broadcasting.

Constituents should approach their MP for matters primarily related to:

  • finance & the UK economy
  • tax
  • national insurance;
  • social security (benefits, DLA, CSA);
  • pensions;
  • employment and job centres;
  • trade & industry;
  • energy;
  • transport (railways);
  • defence;
  • national security;
  • foreign affairs;
  • immigration and nationality;
  • the constitution;
  • broadcasting;
  • equal opportunities;
  • misuse of drugs;
  • medicines;
  • genetics;
  • abortion;
  • surrogacy.

To contact Michael Connarty MP, phone 01324 474832
To contact Eric Joyce MP, phone 01324 638919

To check who your elected representatives are, enter your postode on

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