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Unfair Fares

Falkirk Politicians Michael Connarty, Cathy Peattie and Eric Joyce have all lent their name to the campaign for fair fares for Falkirk residents following an expose by the Falkirk Herald.

Cathy Peattie MSP , Vice Convenor of the Transport Committee at Holyrood said “I raised this issue with Scotrail both before and after FirstGroup took over, so I’m glad that the Falkirk Herald is taking up the campaign. I had hoped that FirstGroup could be persuaded to take a fresh look at the fare structures, but clearly they are sticking with the same old response on the issue, and refusing to take on board the arguments about the unfairness of the current fares, and the social and environmental case for a review.

“Understandably, shorter journeys tend to cost more per mile, and some lines are busier than others, but neither explains the discrepancies. Just look at Dumfries to Carlisle at £5 return for a 60 mile round trip, compared to Polmont to Glasgow at £9.90 for 45 miles.

“This campaign will help by putting pressure on First Scotrail, both directly and through the Scottish Government, to persuade them to rethink their policy. I was very disappointed that the Scottish Government allowed the Scotrail franchise to be extended without consultation, because the unfairness of fares would certainly have been raised, giving us an excellent opportunity to force First ScotRail to address the issue under scrutiny from the parliament and the public.””

Michael Connarty MP said “These fares are unacceptable at a difficult economic time. I was appalled when Alex Salmond extended Scotrails’ franchise without a word of complaint about fares”

Eric Joyce MP said “this is rank hypocrisy from Michael Matheson. Perhaps if his SNP Administration in Edinburgh had properly scrutinised the terms of the franchise we would not be in this situation”

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ScotRail Franchise extension process condemned

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie has again condemned the lack of consultation and information regarding ScotRail Franchise extension. Having previously tabled a member’s motion on the issue, she has now raised her concerns in a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

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Taken for a ride by ScotRail …

The Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament Transport Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee, Cathy Peattie, has tabled a motion in the parliament calling for a halt to the ScotRail franchise extension, a Scottish Parliament inquiry, and for the Minister for Transport, Stewart Stevenson, to make a statement to MSPs. She is also planning to raise the issue at the TICC committee.

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