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MSPs support Keeping the Post Public

Cathy with Margaret Curran MSP, Marlyn Glen MSP, CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes, and CWU Deputy General Secretary Dave Ward

Cathy with Margaret Curran MSP, Marlyn Glen MSP, CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes, and CWU Deputy General Secretary Dave Ward

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie is helping postal workers to put their message to the Scottish Parliament. Having tabled a motion in support of the campaign to Keep the Post Public, last week she helped the Communication Workers Union to set up a lobby of MSPs.
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Forest sell off plans dropped

Update on press release from 9th March – https://cathypeattie.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/save-our-forests/

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie says the Scottish Government have been well and truly defeated over their ill conceived plans to lease a quarter of Scotland’s forest estate.

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Save Our Forests

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie has called for plans to privatise forestry to be dropped.

Cathy, who is Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament Transport Infrastructure and Climate Change committee, said that she was pleased that the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee had now stated in its report (published 5th March) that the Scottish Government plans to lease large swathes of Scotland’s forests to a private company should be removed from the Climate Change Bill.

“I am totally opposed to these badly thought out proposals,” said Cathy.

“They have created uncertainty for Forestry Commission staff, and I believe would damage forestry related industries, public access and biodiversity. Submissions to the committee were overwhelmingly opposed, and the Scottish Government couldn’t even convince its own members on the committee. They should now withdraw their proposals to privatise Scotland’s forests”

Elaine Murray, Labour’s Environment Spokesperson and a member of the committee, added: “We believe that there are other ways of raising funds to support woodland creation, and we believe that forestry development should form part of an integrated land use strategy which also considers food production, flood prevention and conservation. The Scottish Government got this badly wrong and these plans should be ditched.”

Keep the Post Public

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling for the Royal Mail to remain publicly owned. (S3M-03557 Cathy Peattie (Falkirk East) (Scottish Labour): Keep the Post Public)

“This is a matter for Westminster to decide,” said Cathy, “but it is also one that has profound implications for the social and economic wellbeing of Scotland, and that make it an important issue for the Scottish Parliament too. I do not believe that there is any justification for the privatisation of the post, partial or otherwise. The Royal Mail Group revenue and profits are increasing, and would be higher were it not for the uncompetitive conditions under which the Royal Mail delivers mail for rival companies.

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