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Red-faced for missing green target

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Climate Change: talks should not delay action

Cathy Peattie has criticised the Scottish government for ‘inexcusable delay’ on measures to cut carbon emissions.
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Cathy calls for more ambition on Climate Change

The Scottish Parliament has rejected proposals for action on Climate Change because they “lack ambition” and “corners were being cut on the road to 2020”
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Climate Change: call for action across the board

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie has called for Climate Change action to be an across the board priority for public bodies.

“We all have a duty towards future generations,” said Cathy. “MSPs have a duty to ensure that Climate Change legislation is strong, and I believe that means ensuring that public bodies have a duty to consider, across the board, the impact of their activities and what they can do to contribute to action on Climate Change.”

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